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Services Offered

All American Home Healers has a team of PA licensed realtors that can help you find the perfect home.  Once you have found your ideal home, we will work with you to negotiate the best terms and provide you with a plan to on how to add your own touches to the house.  Upon closing, we can arrange our staff to clean up any eyesores or update any outdated items you may wish to change.  Please see below for our offerings:


Our team of skilled painters will be able to transform any space and room to your ideal color scheme.  We will make sure that when you are ready to move in, the fresh paint and warm colors will welcome you in with open arms. 

Carpet Installation

Don't like the carpet in the house, let us provide a quote to change it. (limited selection available)


Don't like the tile you have or the laminate flooring? No problem, we can replace that with something fresh and up to date. 


Have old drafty windows, let us quote the replacement of new vinyl windows that will be more energy efficient.


We can replace chandeliers, sconces, receptacles, ceiling fans, and much more.


Mount your TV's to the wall, manage messy wires, install and set up your home theater. 

General Cleaning

We can clean your property top to bottom or offer to pressure wash builddecks, driveways, walkways, or any other exterior surface that has seen a build up of moss or mold from being exposed to the elements.